Reflection on Final Drafts

I added sound to each of the buttons along the way but I cant seem to get a file working with sound.


This is still the one I’m most proud of…maybe because it caused me the least stress! There are a few things that I think makes it work. First of all the movement is basic, it’s a button, not a film so I think it’s important that it’s not used as a platform to show my skill and end up as a massive file as a consequence. If this was a live project, that would be a real concern that I would have to take into account. Secondly it’s the design – DeStijl is what it is and is fantastically structured. It lends itself perfectly to this application.

Dublin Bus

Im not sure I can like this one, it drove me mad! However, I do think it’s a far better button than any of the rest of the versions are. I don’t think I would have strayed from the idea of given more time, I would have maybe pushed it further. What makes it fall down for me is the typography. Although they all link together by starting off as black type, Dublin Bus is a bit weak at the start. This is the first impression a user would get so I feel it should be stronger. I think it makes up for it on the rollover when it explodes into the fantastic pop art burst.


This is the surprise success for me. Out of the three of them I had the least amount of time left and the most amount of panic. It’s so far away from that awful first draft that I cant help but be delighted it came so far. It’s the colour and the build up to what is iconic that works for me. I’m not entirely happy – and I’m not sure how happy the Luas marketing department would be – about the paint covering the name of the company. I think I would look at that a bit more given more time. Or maybe they wouldn’t care and it’s just perfect?!


Dart – Final Draft

Jackson Pollock, even if you’ve never seen his work before it would probably look vaguely familiar or even just a bit arty. I could also think of a movement for it very easily but what attracted me most ot the idea was the colour. The first two went from basic black text to bold and colourful. I thought that this idea could stand up to that and fit along beside them.


Back to the Dart


I had a fleeting idea for the Dart at this stage but it didnt last long. I really love the Impressionists but I think had I pursued this idea I would have ended up back in panic mode – how would I animate this? Dripping paint down the logo could look a bit to horror-show for public transport! It could make a nice poster with a bit of work and copy?

The next stop was my previous Banksy idea. I liked how it fit in with the idea of the festival but that’s not even real! I would have loved to have the logo spray painted on a surface on rollover but I certainly did not have the skills for that and with a week to the new deadline, I didn’t have time to learn them (AKA: There were no direct tutorials online). I thought about placing the girl from the image below beside the logo and on rollover have the balloon float up and off screen. Not a bad idea but I wanted a bit more, I thought I could shelf it if the next idea didn’t work out.


Dublin Bus – Final Draft

The deadline was extended in between all this but I was still cutting it pretty close for time. I needed a fresh approach but there was something in the Lichtenstein ones that I didnt want to abandon. I decided maybe Pop Art might give me a bit more scope. And it did! I managed to reign in the idea and give it a bit more form and structure as an idea and as a button.


Trial and Error

This is the first of the Lichtenstein inspired Dublin Bus logos. I was kinda happy with it but after a chat with Owen, I realised that although it worked for the theme, it wasnt really working as a button. I had a feeling the small text might be a problem at smaller sizes – such as 16px! I liked the spinning symbol, supposedly representing the wheel of the bus. Owen was not sold, no matter how politely he let me know, it was still clear. I do admit it was a bit cheesey but what’s wrong with that??

A Bit of Lichtenstein Inspiration

There are several elements of Lichtenstein paintings that are immediately recognisable, even outside his Pop Art genre. The heavy black lines, the dots and the bold primary colours are what I should aim to incorporate into my design. I think I did that in the end and captured his paintings. Whether that worked or not is for another post.