As I went over my project so far I realised I hadn’t posted anything about story-boarding. I definitely didnt neglect it, I think I forgot to include some research because it’s something I do fairly often. I’m interested in motion graphics and luckily my other half is in TV & Film and gets me to work with him occasionally on some of his work. Mostly it’s just throwing a designer’s eye over things but sometimes I get to do more, including story-boarding!

During the time I was starting this project I also attended a couple of seminars with professionals showing their process which included storyboarding – one was as part of Keynote, run by the animation department in Colaiste Dhulaigh and one was part of a festival held in Filmbase that I cant for the life of me remember the name of. During both of these seminars, I learned that story-boarding is very much a personal process. Although there are certain things that it should include (like enough information and clarity that anyone else working on the project can interpret it) it doesn’t follow any rules on how it should look, how detailed it should be or how polished it is. I think what makes them so important is they help highlight any parts you may have neglected to think through properly in any of the previous stages of development.

I think the video below articulates the idea of story-boarding very well, except I don’t think telling people they’re ‘not creative’ and ‘get some one else to do it’ if they cant draw stick figures is very encouraging – nothing wrong with a stick figure!


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