So far, I think I’m on track. I’m trying to consider every visual and audio element in the video. I reckon it will take about 30 – 40 seconds, depending on how well my Adobe After Effects skills brush up – I might try shove in some new cool feature I’ve just discovered! I think the next stage needs to be working on the illustrations, first the backgrounds then the objects. The sound and music will be fairly easy to find. Also, it’s dependent on what is going on visually so just in case I change anything and a sound becomes redundant, I’ll wait.

It seems the preset ‘HDV 1080 25’ is the best for high quality videos that aren’t destined to be 3D or have any live action footage in it. It definitely suits Youtube, where I’d imagine my video to be uploaded to, then posted or embedded where necessary. I’ll make a comp and after I make a couple of backgrounds and objects, I’ll test them out in it to make sure everything is fitting in ok.


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