First Illustrations – Second Draft

Video and Film


This is much better, much more in line with what I had in mind and it seems far more professional than the last draft. The more work I do as a graphic designer, the more I’m sure attention to detail is the most important factor – I’m still deciding how good my own attention to detail is but at least I have a goal!

I’m happy enough with how this stage has gone to go ahead and finish the rest of the elements I need. I think all of them will have to be tweaked when I get them in to After Effects, just as part of the editing process but I think if I keep making quick versions in Photoshop then I can reduce the amount of time wasted in After Effects. I have a little check list now, each time I complete a scene I will go through it; Balance, Colour, Text Position and Movement. There are only really two more scenes but I think it’s more important to be vigilant because the viewer has more time to be distracted by crap!


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