First Illustration Review

Video and Film

I have to admit, I’m delighted with myself!! I’m pretty excited about getting this animated – even the hard bits! I do need to look at a few things, for instance the balance in this scene is off so I will add another bed side table. I’m not mad about the colours, I chose these so I could make the text (the most important part) stand out but they’ve ended up too bland. Also, I realised that not every object needs to be separate from the background, like the bedside table. Although, since I’ve made the objects and backgrounds in Adobe Illustrator, I can easily separate them later if necessary. I composed all the elements in Photoshop for the moment – mostly because my access to After Effects is limited due to a busted computer – but I think for an early prototype it works fine. Below is the same sample with text added. I’ve used Helvetica as it was first used for the London Underground and I love the way ‘Not There Yet’ (in an earlier post) uses the existing design for public transport for their piece. Although I’m happy with that choice now, chances are I’ll want to change it before the end of the project – hopefully the changing styles that I’ve planned will distract me from over thinking it too much. BTW I plan to drop them by letter rather than by word – that’s just laziness 😀

Video and Film


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