Script – First Draft

I’ll fill in the info when I get closer – I’ll only lose focus if I try check it when I’m working on this. I think it’s a good start, a reasonable length. I’ll give it to a few people to check and read it again myself in a few hours.


It takes Dublin Commuters ?? minutes, on average, to make their journey to or from work each day.

The average distance travelled is ??km.

??km in ??minutes. That’s ??kph.

TWICE A DAY. 5 DAYS A WEEK. Leave it out!


For each journey, there are…

?? cars on the road

?? drivers

?? passengers

?? buses

And a partridge in a pear tree

In case you didn’t notice, that’s ?? cars with drivers as the only passenger all heading in the same direction.


You could get the bus?

Or the train?

Or cycle!



If 4 people shared a car it would take ??mins to travel ??km at peak times.

If 3 people shared a car it would take ??mins to travel ??km at peak times.

Ok, the morning is tough enough without having to deal with 3 other people in a small space – you could get the train if you wanted that.


If 2 people shared a car wonderful things can happen!

COST: You only pay 50% of petrol costs. Your car is used 50% less. Claim Tax Relief.

STRESS: If you’re not focusing on the road, you don’t get road rage. Smugly brag to friends how you’re saving the world with fewer emissions. Catch up for that meeting you have first thing.


It would only take ??mins to travel ??km.

That’s an extra ??mins in the shower, cooking a gourmet breakfast or staying in bed to do whatever you like…


Carpooling already in place across the globe and with the new government initiative it couldn’t be easier! Sign up to find you’re the perfect travel buddy.

Log on to for more information.


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