What to do? Sign up to CarPool

Whats is that? A government led initiative that is similar to a dating site but for people looking to car-pool.

Who can join? Schools / Companies / Individuals

What do you need? A car you are willing to share or the willingness to contribute to the cost of the commute in some one else’s car.

How does it work? Sign up and find people making the same journey as you. Work out a system that suits you all, considering driving responsibilities, cost and suitability.

Why should I bother? Save money, reduce the number of cars on the road and subsequently reduce traveling time for all, make new connections, take a break from the stress of driving occasionally, catch up on some work/waste some time on the internet in the morning. You will also be rewarded with tax credits from the government.

Any tips?

Be honest – Not a morning person? Let your potential commuter know what to expect. Trying to save money? Tell them you’re not interested in stopping for a coffee every morning. This could be the beginning of a beautiful thing…

Set up a probation period – It mightn’t work out, that’s part of life. Agree on a trial period then you can move on without devastating anyone’s commuting plans.

Connect to the service through Facebook – This allows potential commuters get a feel for who you are and allows you to do the same with them. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

Stay comfortable – There is no need to pass information such as phone umbers or addresses unless you feel comfortable. Arrange a neutral meeting place,


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