Most of what’s in the CSO Report is a bit obvious – cars are the most used mode of transport and people in Dublin go shorter distances but they take just as long as rural journeys because of traffic.


I’m thinking I might base my project on alternatives to driving. I know there already have been successful initiatives, like the cycle to work scheme scheme but I’d like to try and reach a wider audience. Cycling isn’t an option for everyone so I’d like to present multiple solutions and possibly try and be specific about who they would work for (rural vs city for example). First though, I’d like to present a range of downsides to all this driving. Everyone knows cars are bad for the environment but I’d imagine the people this matters to are already taking steps to help this. A lot of people aren’t willing to change for this reason. Same as money, not everyone needs to watch their cash so telling them they’ll save a bundle misses an opportunity with them. I’d like to present some reasons that could also reach a wider audience.


I’m also considering a guide to using Dublin Bus. I don’t use it myself much but I used to and I’ll be back to it in the future. Overall, it’s a grand service. Most buses that I relied on were regular and I could get anywhere. My main issue is with the people around me who seem to have never used a bus before…even though you see them every bloody morning. Things like having your change / Leap card ready, letting people off the bus before you get on, etc etc. I’d also like to make a few suggestions to Dublin Bus to attract new customers – wifi, using the receipts as bus fare, banning people that smoke heroin down the  back, etc.


I need to look at the data more!


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