Kinetic Typography

Stephen Fry: Language

What I like about this one is that it respects it’s subject matter. The video is about language and so it let’s the words be the focus. There is no fancy-shmancy design distracting the viewer from the message of the piece. That’s not to say it isn’t designed really well, the camera flips at the right time and all the movement totally supports what Mr. Fry is saying. He speaks about the evolution of language and how it doesn’t need to be archaic or academic to be meaningful and the simplistic design reflects this. A great watch!

Inglourious Basterds: Lt. Aldo Raine’s Speech

As with Stephen Fry’s: Language, this video also supports the text fantastically. Lt. Raine speaks really fast and has a thick accent so even listening to it can be a bit of a challenge – reading it is tough. They make it work though by adding in some animated imagery and really great font choices, as a result the viewer doesn’t miss a beat. They use imagery from the film which worked really well as a support for the intensity of the speech. I also like the crusty looking texture they have on it!

The Beatles: Help

I’m not sure I like this one but I’ve included it because I think a lot of these videos attract likes because of the subject matter, rather than the quality of the video. I love Stephen Fry, Quentin Tarantino and of course, Brad Pitt so maybe that influences my decisions? I LOVE the Beatles, I was raised in house that made you sleep in the shed if you didn’t know who shot John Lennon. Still, I don’t think I like this. The animation is sharp, it does look professional but I’m not sure Help was a good choice for a company to showcase their talents. The words come too fast and I don’t think you can appreciate the kinetic typography. At first I thought maybe the song is so iconic that maybe the audience doesn’t really need to see the words but some parts seem like they are forcing the type to stay on the screen longer than necessary, just for that reason. Also, I didn’t think it reflected the song well until the little character began to run towards the camera, about halfway through. Only then do you get the sense the character needs help, before that it just seems like he’s in a hurry somewhere. I like the space bit though!


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