Bring it to the People!

My next step was to chat with people I knew with varying levels of interest in art. I know a lot of people who like art and would know as much or more than me about it and I thought I’d leave them out of it. I spoke to people who had no clue about art and didnt want to then I spoke to people who had a passing interest and might know bits an pieces. I got some good feedback. A lot of people can describe paintings and movements but wouldn’t know they’re names or significance. With that as my inspiration I took to looking at the ones that came up most often, Lichtenstein & Warhol with Pop Art, Jackson Pollock – particularly his influence leading to the Stone Roses album cover, the Mona Lisa, Banksy and his political graffiti, and a lot of religous symbology.

I decided I’d try Lichtenstein with Dublin Bus, his work is really iconic and it can be applied to pretty much anything and still be recognisable – as the internet has proved over the years! I hadnt decided on the Luas yet but I did like the notion of Banksy coming in to it – De Stijl for Modernist, Lichtenstein for Modern Art and Banksy for current art.


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