Back to the Dart


I had a fleeting idea for the Dart at this stage but it didnt last long. I really love the Impressionists but I think had I pursued this idea I would have ended up back in panic mode – how would I animate this? Dripping paint down the logo could look a bit to horror-show for public transport! It could make a nice poster with a bit of work and copy?

The next stop was my previous Banksy idea. I liked how it fit in with the idea of the festival but that’s not even real! I would have loved to have the logo spray painted on a surface on rollover but I certainly did not have the skills for that and with a week to the new deadline, I didn’t have time to learn them (AKA: There were no direct tutorials online). I thought about placing the girl from the image below beside the logo and on rollover have the balloon float up and off screen. Not a bad idea but I wanted a bit more, I thought I could shelf it if the next idea didn’t work out.



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